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Hss Computer store front window showing open sign and a list of services to offer


Who we are
Hss Computer is a family owned company founded in 2004. Providing computer support to local banks, schools, law firms, and doctors offices, as well as residential support. We also offer basic computer lessons for senior citizens. We also provide service, and sales of new and used computers. 

Company History

John Holloway started planning the business for Holloway Support System (Hss Computer) in 1998. The idea was to educate people on computer usage to take some of the fear away from using the computer. While planning the business, computer repair got more popular and Hss Computer went live in 2004. He opened the first shop in Manville on Main Street and Camplain providing support and lessons while working as a contractor with school districts and various computer agencies. He was able to relocate to 320 South Main Street and have full time business hours with 4 children who grew up in the business.



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